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Hotel Shelter Program

HEART started its emergency hotel room stays for families facing homelessness beginning December 1, 2022. Families with children have been given priority. Families interested are asked to contact DreamTree Project directly at 575 758 9595. HEART is funding the program and DreamTree Project is operating it. HEART hopes to continue the emergency hotel shelter program throughout the year to support our most vulnerable community members.  Please DONATE!

Collaborative Case Manager

HEART is providing free case management services for housing stability to women and families through a collaborative case manager. Please call HEART directly at 575 776 4245 to access this service. HEART partnered with Veterans Off Grid (lead agency), New Mexico Veterans Upward Bound, and Not Forgotten Outreach to provide free case management services for housing stability to women, families, and Veterans.

Taos Navigation and Emergency Support Together (NEST)

HEART has been critical in the creation and planning of a collaborative effort known as Taos NEST. HEART along with DreamTree Project, Taos Coalition to End Homelessness (Men’s Shelter), and Youth Heartline were crucial in establishing a collaborative long-term solution in Taos County for a one-stop location for night-time crisis housing and day-time support services for all adults and families facing homelessness. Families will be provided crisis housing in a separate hotel program or a master lease model. DreamTree Project has been designated the lead agency for Taos NEST’s operations. We are in the rehabilitation process at this time and expect Taos NEST to begin operations Fall 2023. Taos NEST is in partnership with the Town of Taos and Taos County, DreamTree Project has secured a lease on a building for this facility with Taos County. HEART is proud to be part of the long-term solution for crisis housing and support services for not only women and families, but for all Taos County community members experiencing housing instability. For more information, please visit https://www.dreamtreeproject.org/adults-families

Project HEART

HEART understands that the sheer lack of affordable and safe housing is the root cause of housing instability and homelessness. Since HEART has been part of the long-term creation for emergency housing and support services in Taos County (Taos NEST), HEART will focus on the lack of affordable and safe housing that impacts our most vulnerable populations – women and families. Project HEART is developing one (1) family unit that is sustainable, affordable, and supportive in Taos County. The proposed development budget is $425,000.

HEART’s ultimate vision is to build long-term sustainable, affordable, permaculture communities that combine traditional living & building technologies with current sustainable and efficient technologies, providing naturally affordable units to address the housing crisis. Project HEART will be an example of a new model for sustainable and affordable housing to address the housing crisis in Taos County. HEART will show a replicable model for all types of affordable housing including general affordable, supportive, and homeownership development.

HEART is proud to announce Project HEART’s partnerships with Eco Build Lab and Mark Goldman Architect LLC. HEART will work with its partners, Eco Build Lab and Mark Goldman Architect LLC, to design the most efficient and sustainable home. HEART will secure a partnership with a local service provider to provide the critical support services for the families in the home.



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