Taos women – our neighbors, sisters, co-workers, mothers, daughters and grandmothers – face homelessness every day. One trigger event often starts a daunting spiral into homelessness. HEART of Taos provides vital short-term assistance, support services and transitional housing to Taos women and children facing homelessness. These stories are based on true events. Names and incidental details have been changed.


HERstory #1: Where would you turn?

I am Linda. I am a single mom. When I injured myself at my old job, I had to stop working, and my son and I were evicted. I applied for disability while living in my car which was confusing, time consuming, and incredibly frustrating. We showered at the Youth and Family Center. I felt like we had become invisible. Someone told me about HEART of Taos.

I am Carol. I was laid off from my job and couldn’t find work. Then the unthinkable – I was evicted from my home, and I had no car. I tried to find work while living in a friend’s RV but got depressed when my friend said I had to leave.  I turned to HEART of Taos.


I am Rene. My husband George died suddenly of a massive heart attack; I was left with no life insurance and no savings. I was evicted. My car wasn’t working. I am 65 years old, and I couldn’t find a job. I couldn’t find a rental I could afford on Social Security so I ended up in a motel. I turned to HEART of Taos.


I am Sandra. I have been living on friends’ couches. After my partner left, I couldn’t afford the rent. I had no savings and sold everything I could. I was living on food stamps, income from my part-time job, and the tolerance of friends when I turned to HEART of Taos.
Join TEAM H.E.A.R.T. to make sustainable life-changing differences in the lives of the homeless women of Taos. Your monthly contributions lift the women of Taos out of dangerous living situations and sustain and empower them on their journey to recovery. Click here for details.
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